Workshop in ServDes 2020

The workshop Strengthen emotional skills for service designers as a facilitator was carried out online in Melbourne.

February 2nd, 2021

Doctoral Dissertation

This is a PhD research in the Culture-based Service Design programme at the University of Lapland. The purpose of this study is to broaden the understanding and knowledge about emotions in the service designer role as a facilitator. The contribution of this study is to expand and make visible the emotional skills that service designers should develop and strengthen when they are carrying out workshops with co-creative characteristics.

Emotions always have been part of my life, I believe emotions play a significant and very invisible role in people’s life. In my work, emotions are relevant as a way to connect with people and create kind and collaborative communities.

As a part of my job, I read the book Surfing the Emotional Wave (Bloch, 2008) where I was amazed by the nice and clear explanation of the author about the meaning of emotions in our behaviour and how we can see from others. 

My research is based on ten years working in different kind and sizes of projects where I identified emotions as an essential factor of people communication and creation. This study is based on the perspective 3 C’s trilogy (head, heart and body) called after its initials in Spanish (Cabeza, Corazón y Cuerpo) which was created by Mauricio Tolosa, he has applied the trilogy for more than 20 years in various projects with national and local communities in many countries in North and South America.

January 8th, 2021

Paper presentation ICDC 2020

Paper presentation (online) of the paper called Emotions: The invisible aspect of co-creation workshops which is part of the doctoral dissertation of Mariluz Soto. The presentation took place on August 27th, University of Oulu, Finland.

August 27th, 2020

Grant awarded from Finnish Cultural Foundation

The first stage of my doctoral research was funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation (05-11.2018) to develop the case study carried out with a master course at the University of Lapland.

May, 2018

Presentation in Arctic design Week 2019

Happiness driven by nature was the name of the presentation in the Arctic Design Week 2019. That year the central theme was Happiness and the professionals presented their experiences and knowledge from different perspectives applied to research and projects in the public and private spheres.

March 2019

Book «Diseñar para la Libertad» published 

The purpose of this book is to sensitize the reader to a socially invisible reality: the prison, the penitentiary facilities, and the inmates. Reading is a journey that invites you to broaden the vision of the «wall» that divides those inside and outside in order to break down prejudice. Authors: Mariana Kaplún and Mariluz Soto.

November, 2018