Mariluz Soto is Researcher and Professor at Universidad del Desarrollo (Chile) and Researcher at the University of Lapland (Finland). Her academic degrees are Doctor of Arts in Service Design from University of Lapland, Master in Strategic Design from Valparaíso University in partnership with Politecnico di Milano and Bachelor Degree as a Designer in Visual Communication. She is also Communicologist certified by Communicology Foundation.

She has an outstanding ability to adapt, understand and support new cultural projects.

Her most significant contribution has been her ability to manage communities where she has succeeded in mobilising groups of people towards common goals. The community approach and her constant learning and support in the area of communication are essential contributions to the projects.

As a teacher, she has offered constant support in the development of design students, incorporating her communication expertise into the academic program.

She is interested in the new points of view that emerge from cultural exchange, nurturing herself and other people. Besides, she is engaged in collaborating with new ideas and practices from the areas of design, emotions and communities to contribute to the wellness for the people and our environment.

She is enthusiastic and takes on new challenges while contributing to human, local and global development.

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