Value and contribution of the Service Design Prototyping to strengthen the industry. From the Finnish experience to the Chilean context

Sinco’s service prototyping is a valuable way to experiment in an environment that allows for the exploration of new service improvement options. This research project seeks to identify the characteristics of Sinco that can be transferable to Chilean culture. Through the research, it is intended to deepen the Sinco methodology and the service design practice in Chile to specify the opportunity to insert this methodology with the relevant variations to the Chilean context. 

This project is funded by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage of Chile through the National Fund for Cultural Development and the Arts (Fondart) in the line of Design, modality Research – 2019 call.

Researchers Team

Mariluz Soto Hormazábal
Mira Alhonsuo
Mauricio Tolosa
Katherine Mollenhauer

Project coordinator: Natalia Soto


1. University of Lapland
2. Universidad del Desarrollo (Chile) 
3. Museo Regional de Magallanes (Chile) [Regional Museum of Magallanes]
4. Finnish Embassy in Chile

Duration: December 2019 – June 2021






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